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We made it! I know a lot of us were looking forward to the end of 2020. Often, I heard many say that it felt like it never would. 2020 was a year most would rather forget.

But, honestly, do things just suddenly get better at the start of a new year? Sure, it’s a chance for a fresh start, a new tax season, even a time to commit or recommit to resolutions, but I don’t think things are better simply because we roll the calendar year over.

I think, if we took a look back at 2020, we should take stock of all the good moments. Yes, there were a lot of hardships, struggles, disasters, and there was a pandemic (there still is); however, there were a lot of good moments, too.

I think we should take away a few lessons that we learned in hindsight:

  1. Cherish the time you spend with loved ones
  2. Make moments matter
  3. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today
  4. Work will find a way to always be there
  5. Don’t rely on the government
  6. Life may not look perfect but it can still be better than we imagined
  7. It’s through hardships that we grow and discover our true selves
  8. Even when you fail, pick yourself up and keep moving forward
  9. We are more resilient than anyone knew
  10. Life is beautiful, take time to notice it

We have a lot to cherish, a lot to be thankful for from 2020. It wasn’t the year anyone expected. It wasn’t the year we needed (it might’ve been the year we deserved), but I think we all learned something valuable about ourselves, our relationships, our jobs, and our world.

Let’s take those lessons to heart and keep learning in 2021.

Life doesn’t stop just because the world seems to or politicians want it to. Life will find a way to continue. We overcame a difficult, trying year and are stronger for it. Our friendships are stronger. We are more determined and confident. We have goals to reach and milestones to achieve.

2020 didn’t take anything from us that we can’t get back. It might just take a little longer than first planned. And, for all the loved ones we lost, I know we’ll see them again in Heaven.

The one thing 2020 can’t destroy is the fact that Jesus is Lord.

Let’s take the lessons we’ve learned in 2020 and enter 2021 with gratitude.